You will need these fruits and veggies

Having a diet rich in some fruits and vegetables as part of healthy diet plan may do you good by protecting your body against certain diseases. Fruits and veggies are rich in fibers. So they may reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Bell Peppers Are Fruits

The part of plant that develops from a flower and has seeds is referred to as fruit. Bell peppers, cucumber, and pumpkins are fruits. Always include any of those items in your next fruit salads.

Bananas Are Berries

bananasBerry fruit develops from a single flower and a single ovary. So that means bananas, grapes, and even kiwis are berries. Have a thought of that next time you peel into a banana.

Steam Broccoli


Steam broccoli will help you to lower your cholesterol level even more. Raw broccoli contain compounds that can help you fight cancer. Nutritional analysis revealed that the florets have a few more nutrients than the stalks. The leaves contain some nutrients not found in either the stalk or the florets.

Avocados Are Fruits

avocados are fruits

Fruits contain seeds — avocados are fruits. Avocados have a lot of “good” fat, the kind that lowers the level of cholesterol. Also, they help your body absorb nutrients in other produce, like tomatoes. So add some slice tomatoes into your next batch of guacamole.

Potatoes Top Bananas in Potassium


Potassium controls our blood pressure and help strengthen our muscles. Bananas have high potassium but they are not the best source. Potatoes have more potassium, good source of vitamins and iron, no fat.

Tomatoes Are Fruits and Veggies

Tomatoes are Fruits and veggies

Tomatoes are fruits. But, according to law, they are veggies. In the 1800s, New York’s port taxed vegetables, but not fruits. An importer in other not to pay tax of his tomatoes, went to court saying his tomatoes were fruits. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which ruled that, in “common language,” produce often served with meats or fish is a vegetable.


Figs Equal Milk in Calcium


You need more calcium? You could get a fruit bowl, instead of going for another glass of milk. Figs are rich in calcium. A cup dried figs has as much calcium as the same amount of milk. Also, figs are great source of fibers. Don’t overdo it. They have a lot of sugar and calories.


Kiwis Surpass Oranges in Vitamin C

Nutrition wise, Kiwis top the list of any fruit in your produce aisle. They have more vitamin C than orange, they are another source of high-potassium, low salt compare to bananas. They contain other vitamins, minerals, and many heart-healthy nutrients.


Apples Are Cousins of Roses

Apples are high in fibers and vitamin C. apple produce a sweet smell. Pears, apples, cherries, and plums are just some fruits that belong to the same family as the rose.


Carrots are root vegetables, high in calcium, and are good for vision. They have fibers and a lot of other vitamins and minerals which are healthy to your body.


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